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Hometown Heroes Program Course

Hometown Heroes Course

hometown heroes program Florida

Last year the Florida legislature issue two allotments of $100 Million dollars for the down payment assistance program.  The first allotment were for first responders such as police officers, nurses, paramedics, military, etc. and the second allotment were for Florida residents who work a minimum of 35 hours per week.

A $100 Million may seem like a lot but if each person received up to $25,000 not the maximum of $35,000 then that would only be 4,000 people out of hundreds of thousands applying.   This is the calculation $100,000,000 divided by $25,000 = 4,000.

Just on our site alone we had over 17,000 applicants.  It is literally impossible to serve everyone in a short period of time to get into the program.  The program is like 10 years ago when everyone was lined up outside Walmart on Black Friday to get the best deals and people trampled one another just to get in the door.  So literally you have hundreds of thousands trying to get into the program which literally less than 1% will get the money.

It’s the best down payment program I’ve seen in over 30 years in the business.  This is why I’m creating a membership specifically for the Hometown Heroes Program.  It will guarantee you have everything in place when the money is released and you will be one of the few who can say they received the Hometown Heroes Program. Anyone that knows me is aware that I will get it done.  Reviews from Zillow.

I’ve learned in life it’s the people who are prepared that will have the greatest success.  I want to prepare you and I’m only one person and my team can only handle so many.  I’m only looking for a few hundred to enter the program to be guaranteed homeownership.  This is for anyone who is tired of renting and making your landlord wealthy, tired of being turned down and told “No”,  tired of not being able to save up for a down payment to buy your home.  This course will begin the first week of February and you will succeed.  Just complete the form below.

Things included in the program:

  • Down Payment Approval
  • Credit Prep
  • Loan Approval
  • Homeownership
  • Down Payment
  • Closing Cost
  • Right Real Estate Agent
  • Getting a Contract
  • keys to Your Home

Hometown Heroes Course